Ex-Girlfriend Haiku

Styled like a Chick track, this small chapbook was published in a run of 20. All hard copies lost and data copies deleted, Ex- Girlfriend Haiku lives on in “The Only Crime Against Humanity That You Will Ever Love.” Out of print.

Outside of.
Half page style. A more serious volume of poetry. Had a print run of about 20, give or take. Out of print.

A failed experiment at a literary zine. Never made it past the editing phase.

Small quarter page chapbook. Small print run. Consisted of only one poem. Originally going to be part of a larger run of “elemental” poems, that never materialized so to speak. Out of print.

The Only Crime Against Humanity That You Will Ever Love.
The only cover that you will ever love.
Half-page. The most recent volume of poetry, this consisted of humorous poems.