About the I and also about the not I

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The name of this blog was taken from the title of a book by Mary Esther Harding ( the book is available on Amazon ) The book is a primer of sorts on Jungian Psychology.

The “I” represents the self, the ego. The “Not I” represents the shadow or all that is present and hidden.

Old hats: Telemarketer, carpet cleaner, bagger, cashier, customer server, filer, faxer, copier, bookseller, stocker, shelver, cook, caterer, dishwasher.

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6 thoughts on “About the I and also about the not I

  1. Hi Greg! Love the picture and the idea… Thank you for the follow, just know mine is a bilingual poetry blog, so if you get a notice about something written in Italian don’t give up, soon something in English will follow. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey, thanks for surprising me with a Sunshine Blog Award! Do you have any more information about it before I can bestow it to another 12 deserving bloggers?

    — Tony

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