Open-Mic Clichés

photograph by Keith Bloomfield

(Check one, check two.
Can I get a little more monitor?)

Hey, I’m glad to be here tonight.
How y’all doing tonight?

Um . . .Hi, my name is Greg Brown.
I’m Greg Brown
I’m going to be reading tonight. . .I
Uh. . .I have a few pieces.

This is a song I just finished
I wrote it in about 15 minutes and
I’ve been working on it for 15 years
So it’s a little rought so bear with me.

This is a cover.
it’s about love.
It’s about stopping the violence.
My girlfriend just broke up with me a few weeks ago
when I stopped doing smack after a three day drinking binge,
so I wrote this.
I wrote it while I was high on mushroom tea.
I wrote it in the bathroom after the Flag Day parade.

This is my first time performing in public,
and my last time here.
I moving to New York.
I’m touring Europe.
This weekend I’ll be playing at Joe’s Coffee Shack.

This next one is from my CD.
I recorded it about 4 years ago and
It hasn’t been released yet.
I’m selling them right over there at that table
I also have t-shirts, underwear, and headbands for sale.

Anyway. . .I’m going to do two more . . .oh
This is my last piece.

1, 2, 3, 4 . . . Oh wait let me start again

Thank you.


“Open Mic Cliches” can be heard on the Definitve Greg Brown Collection which can be downloaded here.