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Happy Birthday Julian

I am about to begin my poem entitled “Happy Birthday Julian.”
But before I start there are a few things that I would like to say about Julian, who is turning 30 today.
That’s right, Julian,aka the Boy, aka Dick, aka Julian Ware Vorus is turning 30 today.
Yes 30.  That magical number between 29 and 31.
Say it aloud with me. . .30. . .COME-ON say it louder,
say it the way that Julian would say 30,
were he not  turning 30 today. . .30.
Such a round number isn’t it?
Let me assure that my poem about Julian’s 30th birthday
will be completely and utterly without mercy.
In my poem about Julian’s 30 birthday,
which I have entitled “Happy Birthday Julian”,
I will use the poetical style of no mercy,
which is to say that I will show no Mercy,
Do you know?
Did I ever mention, imply acknowldege, etc, etc, et al
that today is Julian’s aka, the Boy, aka Dick, aka Julian Ware Vorus’s 30 Birthday,
that he has been alive for ten thousand nine hundred and fifty days;
262,800 hours
15,768,000 minutes or
946,080,000 seconds,
Did I !?
Okay, now on with my poem entitled “Happy Birthday Julian”
which will be read in the manner of the vocal stlyings
of Julian Vorus who has today turned 30.
Happy birthday Julian.
Thank you.

Originally written, a number of years ago, and I haven’t bothered to update the math.   what are you like 38? 39? fucking 40?

An editorial note

For sometime now I’ve maintanined (used loosely here) two blogs the one you are currently reading and another Trombones Geants. T.G. was supposed to have been a collaborative effort, but there was no collaboration.

And where this blog was supposed to (for me) highlight me more serious works, T.G. was for all my other writings, which were mostly humor and essays.

As of now I will no longer make that distinction.  I will no longer maintain T.G. and will fold all of my posts from that site into this one, which will now encompass all of my scattered random writings and not just be poetry.

I hope that you enjoy the  change.


The Definitive Greg Brown

I forgot to “renew” my mediafire links and so they died. Instead of re-uploading the mp3’s one by one, I zipped them up into a folder for your pleasure. I also added additional mp3’s.

The Definitive Greg Brown

The Track Listing:

A reaction to the reaction to the reaction
Ethnically Ambiguous
Jesus was a Hard Drinking Man
Open Mic Cliches
Stop Greg Brown
Stop the Icebergs
To My Fellow Americans

Also included are 2 tracks remixed by Paralegalismo ( yes, try saying that name five times fast):
21st century Greg Brown Man
Jesus Was a Hard Drinking Man

The music from these two tracks is from the band King Crimson.

Also included is an interview conducted by Asheville’s own Julian Vorus

By the way, I have not included Ex-Girlfriend Haiku within this “definitive” collection, because maybe I am saving that for Valentine’s Day.

Greg Brown on the Mic


While I am working on my latest masterpiece I offer you this– 3 mp3’s from the Greg Brown spoken word archive .  All links are media fire.

Jesus Was A Hard Drinking Man.mp3

My Fellow Americans.mp3

Open Mic Cliches.mp3


These were all recorded in 2003ish in Asheville.    “Open Mic Cliches” is a must for anyone who has ever attended and open mic.

Shameless Self Promotion

I really meant to post a new poem this week.  I could give you a myriad of reasons it didn’t happen but instead i present you some links:

The first is an article from 2002 that was about my being one of Asheville’s unknown celebrities. You can find me a third of the way down.

Number two is the article I wrote for trombones gèantes about Amy Sedaris.

Last but not least is the primary reason why there is no poem.  Another entry for trombones geantes, this one about music in Asheville.