Killing Moon (after Echo and the Bunnymen)

Like we wait for each
syllable to form in our mouths
wait upon the tongue.

Deliberate breathing
a metaphor for fooling feeling.
Like lips upon the moon,
a faith in the cadence,
a fate that falls each time.

If I can’t reach you in time
if the answers won’t bleed from the wrists
I don’t know the question.
A little splash in the morning walk
weakening puddles, unfathomed.

The moment cannot be captured
the sky unwilling to part with the color of the day.

One thought on “Killing Moon (after Echo and the Bunnymen)

  1. She sits there waiting,hating everything she is.He stands there pacing,loving everything she was.She comes home and cuts,remembering being called a slut.He stands in her window crying,to see her wrists bleeding.He runs in to save her,she rushes out to hide.She runs in the closet and pulls out a gun,he opens the closet to see that his true love is done!

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