Grand Unified Theory

My pants don’t fit today.
The Goddess must have
made them that way.

An unseemly inseam
with the intent to traumatize
my trouser’s being.

I am on the verge
of the G.U.T. of wedgies.
A ball sack split, what an urge

to take it all off:
the nerves, the muscle, the skin,
everything from bone to cloth.

Only then will I be free.
Weightless from the waist,
just a gentle breeze.


2 thoughts on “Grand Unified Theory

  1. my sock didnt fit today
    tho maybe
    thats beacuse i tried
    putting it on the wrong way
    and the end where my toe usually
    pokes out
    would not accomodate my whole foot
    i felt this applied to my place in society and how big business is taking over ownership of the world oh yes
    ok ok
    the sound of a car stalling or a small bird burping


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