B Clusters

Boarder-line. Flesh Worm. Defeat.
I fall around the mouth.
Into/around again.

Your name brand toys,
Scattered street.
My lines remain resolved.
A white credence.
Glitter, star light.

You are going.
Cough. Sizzle. Cadence.
You are going.
White glamour, gloves
along the marionette.

Now. Home.
Lyrics of kern.
A drunk upon the hand.
The wall recoils,
So Solid so.
Grapple knot. A cosmos
Grecian. Where will it



One thought on “B Clusters

  1. white tree cough fall mouse
    i climb
    in my baseball shoes
    a hollow pencil
    the word
    of my death

    a compass.


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