Pride and Teeth

The writer of the poetry blog Pride and Teeth is doing and IAMA on Reddit.  Specifically he is willing to write a poem on any subject in any style.

When asked to write “A sonnet about Napoleon Bonaparte.”  This was his response:

An Emperor to rule all of Europe,

A man to bring the land down to its knees,

Saber and musket, cannon and horseman,

Cut down his foes like so many small trees,

It was said that this man could not be stopped,

And yet we know the greatest minds of all,

When filled with hubris can lose all their might,

And so this champion somehow came to fall,

He marched his men into the frozen wastes,

They came back dead and without any gain,

At Waterloo Wellington stopped him full,

And there can be seen the end of his reign.

I have currently challenged the blogger to write me a sestina about something he hates and or loathes, with bonus points be given for writing a palindrome.  I  am still waiting on a response.

*I should note that I have no clue as to the actual sex of the poet and just wrote “he” for ease of use.  I could be wrong.


One thought on “Pride and Teeth

  1. And this would be why I will never ever ask you for a writing/poetry prompt. A sestina with a palindrome? You are a cruel person.

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