mysteryons xxv

You can




in between the


Each cylinder empty.


The doors are a given,

can’t trust the direction of grain

the waves that count back the years

between hinge and lock.


We’ve let go of our own hands

no longer dancing down the sidewalk

skipping crack, skipping crack.


2 thoughts on “mysteryons xxv

  1. I like this poem a lot. The depth of emotion is both vivid and, yet, mysterious. Between hinge and lock is such a large space of meaning, yet a tiny physical space. There’s just so many layers to this piece that every time I re-read it I get a new and entirely different feeling about. That’s the kind of poetry that I really dig!

  2. for the past 8 months,
    I have been coming cross your poetry a few times,
    I am impressed.
    stunning image,
    outstanding wordplay.

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