On The Bed

Everyone sleeps above the covers
wet sheets, to speak,
eyes close, a circle form,
library escalator countenance.

Use, moving from.
Use, beginning to.
A simple seduction of words
sitting behind the desk,

Leave a message–
on the phone,
sleep above the covers
in the winter frosted guilt.

I have a grain to show,
mahogany pride.
A film prize unless taken,
coveted, but free from distraction.

Lines dashed away to save lives ,
every face to saying,
a head turns to face
unseen like a Polaroid discharge.

Collar turned up,
shadow of cast iron,
a prostrate mold,
white sheets to burn.

a message of what it means to be.
for Thursday Poets Rally Week 25
by Jingle


28 thoughts on “On The Bed

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  3. I like the shadow of cast iron. This need reading several times as you have many images going on. Intriguing!

  4. I had it, I was with it, and then…I lost it. Is your speaker crying and getting circles under his/her eyes from a restless night or perhaps they are a drunk college student who never made it to the bathroom. My guess is neither. Or maybe your speaker is a broken hearted student who tries to rid themselves of the no answered calls and wets their bed with tears but is too tired to get underneath the sheets and cries in the fetal position so it’s not the pillow that gets wet but the bed sheets….yeah that’s a stretch. Quite the brain teaser you’ve written. Gotta love pieces that just don’t lay it all out there, gotta work for it. I like it : )

    • this one is about the language. although there is meaning here, the phrasing is what I am most pleased about. thanks for your comments

  5. I have to say you certainly have a way with words, as you say “interconnectedness”
    This poem is clever and witty, and makes my mind race with images and all sorts of fantasy world of ideas.
    Who knows if I get the interconnectedness with the poet and his verse– maybe in the greater scheme of things here the whole point eludes me, but it was a fun ride traveling through your poem. A verse worth reading thrice.

    from thursdays rally

    two posts today one is for jingles rally

  6. Let’s go, brain! We can figure this out, brain!
    Oh Greg, Im just gonna give up and go to bed. Maybe i’ll understand it better. :)

    nice, erratic flow though

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