Six Exits ii

nothing is there.

silence in hallway,

is not true silence.

just an absence of words.

but the light speaks

and the air speaks

and the slow creak

of the door hinge

are breaking over

the slow spreading


and the six red exit

signs hang in

the air like a promise.


11 thoughts on “Six Exits ii

  1. Woww.. such a unique thought! I really enjoyed reading this poem.. I do sometimes wonder when I look at those exit sings hanging up there… a silence of their own, a meaning of their own.. letting everyone free, and captured within themselves!
    You have a painted a lovely picture with your words here.. I think this is a beautiful tribute to all those exit signs up there! :)

    • there is a hallway at my job where if you stand at one end and look down the hall you can actually see six exit signs, not counting the one hanging above you head.

  2. Silence as an absence of words… nailed it on the head. I love this poem, especially as it paints with sound [or the supposed absence of it].

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