If I Wait

To know the logos behind the words,
to shout out.

This couch this moment was seized
nausea and alcohol veins.

The cat has gotten out again.

Turn the key away.
The single celled door frame.
The four a.m. moment.

The couch lacks resolve:
pull the thread from the patch.
clean the sleeping stains.

Oh forever,
Oh without promise of meaning
Oh here
______ ourselves
______________the voice speaking?

The twin folds recall the first air

faced during phonation.

The noise following a cracked window
crevices on the glass.

The emotion of being
taken advantage
touched on the arm
hair across your face.

The gold leaf has something to do with it.

The cause of anger to kiss in this room under the light, underneath the table. The solid wood of being, this table has essence. We lack what is lacking. Imagined being pushed. Imagine coming home to the blue light. Imagine the cause of cleaning hands. We stay the roof. We stay, we stay. We stay to forge the sun. We need space, need the translucent finish falling from the tree.


4 thoughts on “If I Wait

  1. Beautiful imagery and some poignant lines…I read it out loud and I really love the sound of the flow! :) Thanks for sharing. Oh, I also love the phrase “alcohol veins”–just awesome! Nod.

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