Mysteryons XX


Knowing a thing
losing the center of a ball bearing

You were the last to
reinvent the wheel.

We could each grab a spoke,
pull the splinters inside of us,

I dream of an artificial Earth:
the oceans are made of styrofoam,

watching the pastel plastic pebbles
rise and fall, rise and fall



2 thoughts on “Mysteryons XX

  1. I also had no idea that “mysteryons were from a British television series. My intent was for them to be “particles of mystery” like a proton or electron. I also just assumed that I was stealing the title from portishead:

    but now I wonder if they also acquired the name from the show.

  2. Okay…I need to confess that I had no ideal that ‘Mysterons are a fictional race of extraterrestrials which appear in the British science fiction Supermarionation television series’ Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet, symbolised by ubiquitous projected green rings and the deep bass voice of their human convert, Captain Black’..ah but thanks to Google..and your poem….I have learned something new and necessary for reading your poem…thanks!.

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