Voices in Cannon

“If I’m not after-word”
then, I can before
our shared

As if in a beginning
was typed eye,
red dye,

Like Faraday juggling
tiny blue globes
watching all the
lines fall into
stasis. (home).

A Job we cannot work
the wager we have
not walked off to
advocate or led


2 thoughts on “Voices in Cannon

  1. As I read this my mine jumps to those variations of biblical text that goven or serve as the justification for human behaviors…not sure why..but that’s what the poem triggered in my mine…abeit a questionable one…enjoyed thnking about the post.

    • I was definetly going after a biblical moment here. . . I was searching for those actions not led by the devil. . . so perhaps you are right.

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