A Memory from Rosetta’s Kitchen

photograph by Woodie Anderson

I am at Rosetta’s Kitchen.  I have finally made it.  I am sitting on their patio deck, looking out onto the rainy night of Asheville.  A black coffee is near my hand; the smell of comfort foods swirls in and out with the comings and goings of the wind or perhaps the fan above my head.  I dream of the meal I would have if not for the lack of cash: smashed taters with Granny’s gravy, macaroni and cheese, and peanut butter tofu.

Across the street there is no one yelling “They’re not open yet,” but rather people leaving to their cars, hugs are exchanged. Every face seems to be a face I have already met.  It is the hair, or a glance, or they way they carry their weight.

My minds seems to enforce patterns on the random lights in the sky, a constant in the unknown of night.  When I exhale the smoke is ruffled and turned over by the wind before shuffling out the window.


btw here is a fantastic review of Rosetta’s that I came across while searching for photos: http://portlandveganreubens.blogspot.com/2008/11/veganization-tempeh-reuben-at-rosettas.html


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