Mysteryons XVII

cant bring myself to cross the tile

on each square patterns unfold

like broken origami

in grout ive lost control

and if a woman walking west weaving

between shapes on the floor

comes home

we know the gesture for another


2 thoughts on “Mysteryons XVII

  1. When I had no computer and then no internet, I confess I felt no deprivation.

    Then this . . .

    You remind me why I still want and maybe need access to the internet.

    Your pile of books grows. I’ve added a memoir I think you will enjoy. Definitely a guy’s book more than a chick one. I loved it. Not sure what that says about me but if nothing else you need to come to GA for a visit.

    • I think that you should get an internet tablet or something. enough to browse or do research when you need to but annoying enough not to use all the time.

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