Dreams of Amy Sedaris

photo by rachel is coconut&lime

Last night I dreamed of Amy Sedaris.

I suppose that work dreams happen to everyone.  After a particularly difficult day on the job, you come home with legs wobbly from standing and walking all day.  Your arms worn out form robot like repetitive writing.  And for good measure it has been a difficult day.

I would think that people in my field would be particularly prone the work dream, the dream you have because you love your job so much that even when you leave, you go home, throw on your PJ’s, have a night cap, fluff your pillow, pull up your covers and settle in for the long slog ahead.

I’m not sure how Amy Sedaris ended up in my work dream. In the dream, she was off handled mentioned by a less cultured co-worker, a more blue collar, man’s man. She was mentioned as someone who might have been a celebrity of sorts, but no one knew for sure.  At this time I had two thought running through my head, well the meta head, as I was still dreaming.    One of the thoughts(meta) was HOLY SHIT! Amy Sedaris, a real celebrity.  What the Hell is she doing here?

Some have service jobs, retail, for example, that put you in the public eye.  For these people meeting a celebrity can happen,  in fact it will happen if you can stand being behind the counter long enough. Some people work in an office  or factory job.  The odds of meeting a celebrity are significantly diminished and the definition has changed too.  Their idea of celebrity might be their beleaguered CEO , who just got back from the perp walk for the insider trader scandal.  I however work in public hospital.  In psychiatry.

Not that celebrities don’t go to hospitals.  Not that celebrities don’t need psychiatric care.  It’s just that, like high end stores and adopting children, they have places they go to.  If a celebrity is in need of a lawyer, they don’t go flipping through the yellow pages or call the 800 number they see on the screen for  their personal injuries.  They don’t don’t go to legal aide when they are having issues with the condo they are renting.

So the questioned rolled around in my head (meta) of why was Amy Sedaris here in my hospital?

The other question that was there in my head(meta) was one of : How can I turn this into my advantage?  Could I get her to read my writing and recommend me to her literary contacts.  Could I get her to read my blog? I don’t normally think of these types of things with my patients.  But this is a dream after all and what else are dreams good for than displaying unwanted desires?

I have a hard time separating Amy Sedaris, the way she looks from her character Jerri on Strangers With Candy.  In fact, the only things I know about Amy are gleaned from reading her brothers books, so in fact I know very little.

I didn’t have time to realize my meta fantasies with Amy Sedaris last night, I woke before shortly after the mentioning of her name.  After waking I wondered why she of all celebrities would end up in my dream.  Do I have a small celebrity crush?  Maybe.

I was listening to the “This American Life” podcast on the way home from work, but she was never mentioned in the episode.  The episode was about terror suspects in a post 9/11 world.  Truth be told there has been a copy of “me talk pretty one day” sitting underneath my bed for these last two weeks,  But maybe today is the day I’ll start reading it.

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