An editorial note

For sometime now I’ve maintanined (used loosely here) two blogs the one you are currently reading and another Trombones Geants. T.G. was supposed to have been a collaborative effort, but there was no collaboration.

And where this blog was supposed to (for me) highlight me more serious works, T.G. was for all my other writings, which were mostly humor and essays.

As of now I will no longer make that distinction.  I will no longer maintain T.G. and will fold all of my posts from that site into this one, which will now encompass all of my scattered random writings and not just be poetry.

I hope that you enjoy the  change.



One thought on “An editorial note

  1. Yes.
    The change.
    I enjoy….all ot if…until it’s spent.
    4 lousy chips, and I’m thirsty…were I on the other side of the glass,
    I would look out.
    I would make faces.
    I would label myself $20.00(and yes I know there’s not precedent for this in the world of these machines but consider the deal you’re getting) and suck up all the oxygen like it was some rare perfume.

    But this is not the time nor place, scattered across these complaints exists a random truth, an emptiness of faith that mars my youth.

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