Photograph By Sarah Macmillan

Was this how God felt? Broken lovers and the promise of fruit. It was under the tree we spoke. Voices and visions –the release of falling and for a moment, for a moment I want to put you back up among the leaves. I want to reattach the stem.

You once told me the name of this tree, your voice weighted with softness.


13 thoughts on “Promises

  1. Greg, damn. Just wow. I didn’t catch the same suggestion that Nick did. For me it was more about connection and rootedness or the lack thereof. But for me a poem doesn’t work until I hear more than one person give it different meanings. This one obviously works very well.

  2. I have been following your recent entries closely. I like most of the them very much, but this one especially. The suggestion — not stated, but suggested — of falllen fruit from the tree of knowledge. More poweful in its indirectlness than it ever could be any other way.

    Consider this ( for the context I’m coming from.

    • point 1) working with the mentally ill (inpatient stabilization) I often wonder if that is the best thing for people I/we try to help and sometimes I think if this is the best thing. . . I sometimes think about the way other cultures have dealt with mental illness and how (for the most part) they were found positions within the culture. “If you are talking to god or having visions then you should apprentice under the shaman” and not here take this med to help alleviate your symptoms.

      point 2) I want to be famous. or remembered or influential through my poetry. And there is a lot of bad poetry being disseminated (perhaps more so than ever before?) And I agree with your comment about

      “twisted language” in an attempt to break us free of the mundane and bring us closer to a different and perhaps larger way of perceiving reality—a perception that the poet may well have discovered in the very process of writing the poem.

      That should always be the poets job. Only the greats standout in history. And as you go back into history the number of writers studied gets fewer and fewer(not that there won’t be favorites among the “lesser known writers) and those we study are considered to be influential or important for one reason or another. I want to be one of those people

      point 3) Proverbs 29:18 where there is no vision the people perish. I read that in a Jungian Psychology book and I can’t quite remember the context but that has really stayed with me kind of bring points 1 and 2 together. prose can document the event tell you the play by play but it is the poets job to document the feeling and emotion that prose(mostly) fails to achieve

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