Found Poetry: My Immortal Strengths

Thus he will repeat to himself such sentences as the following:–

“The flowers are growing,
The leaves are trembling in the wind,
The sea waves are moving,
The sand waves are moving,
People are passing by.”

He has gathered
from my brain
I have.

Ever done or remembered.

He is
entirely engrossed
in my thoughts–
a listener

informing himself of what I think


It is the role of the

rolling about in my brain.

It is as if
my childhood
were a book.

They tear out the pages

as it were
and accuse me
of all.

He gets these things
from me;
he weighs

me down with my own knowledge.

He is a continuer of corrections;
A getter into vicious states;
a brain trialer.


Henry Devine
J Neurol Psychopathol. 1921 November; 2(7): 224–248.
note that this links to a PDF File.

6 thoughts on “Found Poetry: My Immortal Strengths

  1. I read this with great interest. My late husband was schizophrenic from the age of seventeen and tragically took his life at age thirty eight. You have completely and accurately captured in a poem the sheer misery my brave and wonderful husband endured daily. In his memory, I say thank you.

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