Photograph by Adrian Boliston

That sound “th,”
as if it were coming out through imagination.
Tentacles coming over and out,
the tentacles of the Leviathan entangle the Sargasso Sea,
Tentacle enravels entangled ship,
sinking underneath.

Leviathan sinks the flat world of old,
the sails had been set in search of gold, they said.
New routes to the east, they said.

So they set their sails, left docks, sailed off into the unknown.
The unknown ships sailed off into the Sargasso Sea.
And seaweed and vine coming out of the water,
sinking ships entangled.

Underneath the fish stare
and men are trying to sink ships on the advice of God,
and man has fallen underneath the seaweed
and has fallen for ages underneath his own _______.

Is a flower now.
Is green now.
And now the spring petals bloom,
delicate petals bloom.
Underneath blue sky,
the clouds sail the high winds of Earth
in search of a better home.

Clouds in search of some rain to cast.
Clouds cast down the shadow,
clouds give sun to the flora,
the fauna and the ages of green upon green.

Green looks up expectantly.
Green looks up at sky, and awaits rain.
Awaits to be underneath.

Begin planet,
Earth it seems,
according to the Good Book it seems.
Now on the third day we created the _______,
and on the fourth day we ______.

Some things are better left unsaid, she said,
and some things are better he said.

Now start underneath.
Now new, now garden, now grow into ______.

Better left, she said.

Hold hands underneath.

Watch the fruit fall now.
First harvest, he said,
not understanding the meaning.

Define: the moment in which we are at a loss.
Define: in their badness reign.
Define what _____means to you.
Things said,
said again later,
said once more for him, she said.

Underneath the tree,
begin to watch the fruit drop now.
Find water now.
Find leaves now.
Find ______ underneath the tree.

From the chapbook “Outside of.”

One thought on “Plethora

  1. wow, this is beautiful. i look forward to reading more of your posts because this is so cool.

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