In My Depth

Prompted by a line by Stevie Smith

I was much further out
than you thought
And not waving but drowning.

In this context one can see
that my perspective is not yours.

This is my line,
the one that leaves you behind.

I was further out
And your sight, was not my sight,
you thought
that I could be saved.
and not waving
was my smile misspoken?
drowning .

The way the hands will hold me pressing
down , a face that
was further out than you thought.

A face not smiling or semantic
but drowning not waving, the
way one can rephrase a meaning.

The cup collapses, water rushed–
the drips drowning in the air
followed by the wave of my hand.

You thought I was close to you
moving towards the right.
But I was further away than you thought.

My turn over the next,
The line will lead me.
the line will lead me.

I was (not here)
further out (not here)
than you thought (away again not here)
and not (here) waving.
(notice this hand, collapsed)
but drowning.

Each whispers takes away
and I’m away now,

In my depth, I will watch you fall.

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