The Definitive Greg Brown

I forgot to “renew” my mediafire links and so they died. Instead of re-uploading the mp3’s one by one, I zipped them up into a folder for your pleasure. I also added additional mp3’s.

The Definitive Greg Brown

The Track Listing:

A reaction to the reaction to the reaction
Ethnically Ambiguous
Jesus was a Hard Drinking Man
Open Mic Cliches
Stop Greg Brown
Stop the Icebergs
To My Fellow Americans

Also included are 2 tracks remixed by Paralegalismo ( yes, try saying that name five times fast):
21st century Greg Brown Man
Jesus Was a Hard Drinking Man

The music from these two tracks is from the band King Crimson.

Also included is an interview conducted by Asheville’s own Julian Vorus

By the way, I have not included Ex-Girlfriend Haiku within this “definitive” collection, because maybe I am saving that for Valentine’s Day.


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