Mysteryons IX

"Shower Sparkle" by petar_c

I hear voices when I shower.

I would have preferred arm rests
driving to the delay.

Do you know what you are doing
when your eyes are closed?

We are isosceles with a hidden point.

With you, its always a family reunion.

The things I could do,
If I knew the numbers.

Sometimes I think you whisper
around corners trying to control the future.

Grip your hands when you walk.


4 thoughts on “Mysteryons IX

  1. I was just telling my friend about your poetry. I said something about yours being more literary while mine is I guess more literal, yours is esoteric and allusive while mine is earthy. I said yours is brilliant. And it is. You should read Robert Bly’s Leaping Poetry. I reviewed it in my blog but the whole time I was reading it I was thinking of your writing.

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