Let me speak to you as brothers, as sisters
as those who know the sinews of my heart.

Let my hand seek yours
as the atoms annihilate.

Let our breathes create.

Let us begin anew
attached to the weaves that is

Couched on the couch, only we
can watch the representations move,
where we can leave our breathes unspent,
wait for the shadows to creep across numbered floor

I only know where you belong or
Only I know where you belong or
I only belong where you know.

Skin to skin to strengthen-
as if tendons and ligaments grow
stronger through revolution.

My hair dangles for you,
I leave my key under the mat.

Please be home when I am home.

Each dimension counts numbers on a scale.
Each dimension counts if the skin is cracked,
counts to reduce.

If I could grasp each star in heaven,my hands feeling their way out of the birth canal. I promise you, Ephemeris, that this is my phrasing, my staining of your truth. I cannot condem the future for its existence. If everything were left open. I give you my hand, and hope the lines can give you some direction. The light yellows and I must go.
sincerely, ________

Your name is not the same.

If I could refine the letters,
the curvature of syllable,
the angles of syllable,

Would I know you then?

Or how I could stress the understated,
come around to the afterimage:
birth as I imagine it to be, dressed in paper.


3 thoughts on “Ephemeris

  1. WTF?

    I made an emoticon unintentionally. The parentetical should have two digits: 5 and 8

    Sorry about that. Typical but still sorry.

  2. Don’t hate me but these things drive me nuts when other people praise but don’t point out an obvious error.

    breathes should be breaths (line 5, 8)

    I want to make love to the sixth stanza.

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