They had nothing to say to each other.

They:  Pronoun.  Refers to the persons, Dean and Stephanie.

Had: Verb. Past Tense Possessive:  The relationship which at the best of times was . . . well . .  . let’s just say that Dean was Stephanie’s frozen meat.

Nothing:  Noun, Indirect Object:  That which does not exist. In terms of frozen meat, a relationship to be sure — not a friend with benefits, which would imply a mutual agreement, this is something less.

To:  Preposition.  A leading word.  A set up.  Similarities to Frozen meat continue.

Say:  Adverb.  To express in words one’s true feelings.  No apologies, just a statement which may or may not be true.

To:  Prep.  Transition.  From words that may have been left hanging, that which might remain unsaid, unimplied.  Nothing is clear.

Each: Adj. Being one of two distinct individuals having a relationship. A singularity who may or may not be crying.

Other.  Noun.  One that remains of two, physically and emotionally.  Here a finality.  Frozen meat that has been cooked, eaten and tossed out with the rest of the garbage.


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